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Fast Paying Online Casinos UK

If you win at an online casino, you no doubt want to get your hands on those winnings as soon as possible. That way you can start putting that money to good use. Before it lands into your bank account however, you will need to go through the withdrawal process. Even with fast paying casinos, this isn’t going to be instant (unless you are withdrawing via Bitcoin or Crypto-currencies which can be same-day). This is because all casino sites in the UK (and any legit online casino for that matter) need to satisfy a few necessary safety and security protocols to ensure that every transaction they make is above board and legal.

Of course, money laundering is a big factor in this, but more so, the measures are there to ensure that no stolen cards or non-legit processors are being used and the money is going to the right person; the name of the person within that casino account. The UK Gambling Commission also insists that KYC procedures are in place ("Know Your Customer") too, and we're sure you'll agree with us that whilst this takes a bit of time, it's wholly necessary to implement. This is why your withdrawal could be slower than an instant, but for how long is the key here. 

On this page, we want to take a look at a few of the fastest casino payment methods and also recommend some of the best fast paying casinos in the UK. We mean top casino sites which are well known for not messing around when it comes to cashing out your withdrawals! If you skip to the end of this page, you can look for fast paying new UK casino sites in 2021.

Withdrawals May Not Always Be Instant

If you are gambling in the United Kingdom, you need to be aware that UK casinos are strictly regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. We know it sounds hyperbolic, but online casinos are the best way for criminals to launder money. They deposit cash into their account, play with it a bit, then withdraw it. Things like this impact everybody else. Online casinos will have a withdrawal process in place. In some cases, it will be quick. However, even if you end up with one of the fast-paying casinos, you may be caught in that security net on occasion. You will be asked to submit your ID at some point to the casino, though only once at each casino. This is a legal requirement and you can’t do anything to get around this.

Tip: Look at Withdrawal Minimum Amounts & Fees

No matter which online casino you gamble at, you will need a certain amount of money in your account before you are able to withdraw it. For new UK casino sites, this number is fairly low. Make sure you hit it, otherwise the money will be ‘stuck’ in your casino account.

There may also be fees related to certain payment methods. This is likely going to be a fixed fee, although some online casinos will charge you a % of the amount that you are withdrawing. Do bear in mind that it is not actually the casino that is receiving this money. It is the fee the payment processor has. Generally speaking, the faster the payment method, the higher the fees.

Different Withdrawal Methods & Speeds

We are not going to talk about the exact amount of time it takes for money to land in your account after hitting the withdrawal button. This will be dependent on a number of factors. However, we do want to talk about the slowest to the fastest paying methods. This is not a complete list of all payment methods, just the ones that you are more likely to encounter if you are located in the UK.

Payment MethodEstimated Cash out Time
Credit Cards1- 3 Days
Skrill/ NetellerWithin 24 Hours
NetellerWithin 24 Hours
Debit Cards1- 3 Days
Bank Transfer3-5 Days
PaySafeCardNot Possible
BitcoinInstant / Same Day
PayPalWithin 24 Hours
UKashNot Possible

Bank Transfer Withdrawals: Longer Speed

If you have a bank account in the United Kingdom, then you can get money into your account using the direct debit system. Just enter your account number and your sort code, and it'll be paid directly to your bank account. It's pretty easy to do. This normally is a 'free' withdrawal method, although it does take a while to process. The time will be dependent on not only the casino but also your bank. As a rule of thumb, bank transfers are not considered fast paying casinos, as they can take 3-5 working days. But they are recommended for those withdrawal large sums, as these are low fees, so you really need to weigh that up.

Debit & Credit Card Withdrawals: Longer Speed

Withdrawing to your bank card, i.e your debit or credit card is much the same as bank withdrawals, although you can withdraw to your card directly. It will still land in your bank account. Do bear in mind that this is not a method you can use for pre-paid cards and there may be weekly/monthly withdrawal limits applied. 

eWallets Withdrawals: Fast Paying - Same Day 

If you want fast paying casinos, then you'll want to be using certain eWallets to get money into your hands the fastest. While it's not 100% accurate, you can think of eWallets as an ‘online bank account’. You can withdraw money to them and then spend the money elsewhere online. The money can’t be used offline in most cases, although there is an exception that we will talk about in a short while. Usually, casinos with the fastest payouts are those with eWallets. 

In the past, the only ‘real’ eWallet options you had available to you were Skrill and Neteller. While they were popular methods, they only really worked with online casinos. Very few sites accepted them outside of the gambling industry. Nowadays, you can also use PayPal to withdraw cash to as well (see below).

PayPal Withdrawals: Fast Paying

Paypal is a ridiculously fast paying method. You will need to have a bank account linked up to PayPal, but in most cases, you will be able to withdraw to that bank account ‘instantly’. You can also request a debit card from PayPal. This will allow you to access your money stored in your PayPal account ‘offline’. You can use the debit card anywhere you can normally use a card. Paypal Casinos are highly recommended if you want your cashouts fast.

Bitcoin Cashouts: Ultra-Fast Paying | Same Day Withdrawals

As we briefly mentioned above, Bitcoin is also an option to cash out with. It can be fairly fast, with some casinos processing payments within mere minutes. Dependent on the online casino, your Bitcoin payments will likely be processed through Neteller. You will have the opportunity to withdraw to your own Neteller account in cash, or to a Bitcoin eWallet. However, there are some casinos in the UK directly accepting Bitcoin, which cuts out middle man like Neteller and Skrill, and you will be able to cash out your winnings and store in your Bitcoin wallet.

Fastest Withdrawal Online Casinos: Top UK Casinos That Are  Known For Their Fast Withdrawals 

Of course, when we hit the jackpot playing at online casinos, we want to see our winnings in our account pretty swiftly, which is why we opt for fast paying casinos only. Whilst there does need to be some pending time for casinos to make security checks, there's no excuse for them to be dilly-dallying with your cash out for days. Below, we've selected some of our favourite fast paying UK casinos which are known to put their customers first when it comes to paying out winnings. They ensure that you get your withdrawals to your payment method as quickly as it can be.