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Low Wager Casinos

Consider this page your starting point in finding the lowest wagering bonuses and fairest casinos on the Internet.  Low wager casinos are out there, you just need to make sure you select them before you start playing! Whilst one casino may be low wager, the next may not be. We’re thrilled when we see a new low wager casino come onto the market, and with our help, we’ll make sure you avoid casinos which impose high wagering so that it becomes a thing of the past!

Low Wager Casino Bonuses

When people talk about low wager casinos, they’re generally are referring to wagering requirements associated with casino bonuses.

For the avoidance of any doubt for first-time casino players reading, wagering requirements are used by online casinos to protect the bonus money they give away. As you would have noticed, casino bonuses are very popular and casinos offer various kinds to their customers’ casino journeys.

Wagering requirements can sometimes be referred to as ‘play through requirements’ and are usually displayed in the text, alongside a casino bonus. This is usually with a number and multiplication symbol. What this simply means the number of times you will have to bet your deposit amount, bonus amount (or sometimes deposit and bonus amount together) in order for the bonus to be withdrawn. 

In the past, wagering requirements were almost always on the lower side, definitely easier, but these days the requirements have increased by a little - to some casinos applying some outrageous wagering requirements which would ultimately make any cash out near on impossible. We avoid these bonuses and now shall you. If you take our suggestions on board, we guarantee that you will find the lowest wager casinos in the UK!

Wagering requirements needn’t be seen as a bad thing; as long as they are fair. That’s exactly what our aim is– to emphasis those casinos which are low wager. There are many different casino bonuses available but finding the lowest wagering bonuses makes the most sense, doesn’t it?

Why Choose A Low Wagering Casino?

If you play at low wager casinos, to us it means that a casino has the customer’s best interests in mind and with a long term approach. A casino wants you to enjoy playing at their casino and yes – they do want you to win money. This is why the good casinos want to play fair not hide any sneaky terms in the bonus terms. For these reasons alone, you could argue that low wager casinos are more safe and trustable and these are the casinos you want to be playing at. 

Whilst we’ve covered the ins and outs of how bonus play-through works, it has to be said that there’s no avoiding them- if that’s already crossed your mind. If you want to claim a casino bonus then it’s a measure you will have to consent to. 

But, think of it this way; if a casino is offering free money with no strings attached, the offer would seem “too good to be true” wouldn’t it? Indeed. This is why wagering terms exist; the casino needs to add measures for a healthy and stable operating casino if the bonuses they’re giving can help you win real money, so it is a necessary evil. 

New Low Wager Casino Bonuses 2020

Not a week goes by without a new casino popping up here and there, that we're really spoiled for choice. Because of this; online casinos are in stiff competition with one another to stand out and make a good impression to attract new customers. A good tool that most of these casinos use is to offer a large ‘stand out’ welcome bonus to attract new customers. Of course. this is only a good thing, but is it really? Only if they’re low wager casinos it is!

Actually, what can happen is casinos offering humungous bonuses would probably put a higher wager on them which is why we lookout for the top new low wager casino bonuses.  We want to point out that just because one casino might look like it offers more; but it’s what lurks behind the scenes that count. Remember, we’re looking at low wager casinos with fair bonus terms, and that often means that some of the bonuses might look less lucrative but they actually are better as there is a fairer chance of fulfilling the terms and cashing out your winnings! A selection of top new low wager casinos 2021 can be found below.

Low Wager Free Spins

Free Spins are a fabulous way to try out new casinos and are one of the most sought after casino bonuses. Due to their popularity, most casinos offer free spins bonuses in one form or another and usually to all new customers taking part. 

What’s important to know before we use free spins are the wager terms attached. These can vary incredibly. Whilst low wager free spins are on the scarcer side to find, they’re not impossible. Most free spins do actually come with higher wagering terms usually from x50 and sometimes to x100 if no deposit is required from you if you claim them. Free Spins which are given on a deposit usually have acceptable play-through terms, but it’s always advisable to check.

In most cases, when we win playing a casino game we will want to cash out our prize which is why seeking out low wager free spins is the way to go. In our opinion, a low wager bonus is around the x20 – x25 mark (but a little higher up to x40 is still ok) as the playthrough is still achievable, especially if you play online slots.  Below is a selection of the current best low wager free spins bonuses on the market.

Best Value Low Wagering Bonuses 2021

As an online casino player, it’s never been a better time to claim casino bonuses because all casinos in the UK now require a license to operate which has put them under plenty of scrutinies, especially when it comes to bonus terms. The new legislation and licensing means that all casinos must operate with fair wager terms and offer transparent terms, all of which must be clearly visible so that it’s not difficult to read them. If you’re looking for the best value low wager bonus then check out our picks below. They’re designed to offer moreover time than just your first deposit. Of course, we’ve checked and they’re low wager casinos!

Read All Terms & Conditions - Even at Low Wager Casinos!

There are plenty of low wager casinos online and all you need to do is check the terms before you try, this way there’s no chance you’ll be caught out with wager terms which are ridiculous. However, we’ve already checked and recommended the best low wager casinos for you – so that you don’t end up playing with unachievable and ridiculous casino bonuses. We don’t want you to end up with bonuses with terrible terms, no matter how good they look! 

It’s important to get the best chance possible of taking home your winnings and lower wager casinos are the way forward. Of course, if you do opt to play at low wager casinos then it doesn’t mean you’re any more likely to have guaranteed cashouts, but it surely helps you get started off on the right footing. 

One final note we have to say about this subject is that we recommend that you read all terms and conditions attached aside from wagering information, as there are other points to look out for such as excluded games (which won’t count towards your wagering requirements) and also some deposit methods such as Skrill and Neteller will also not count at most casino sites.